Saturday, February 9, 2013

My SMASH Holiday & Vacation Book introduction! The 365 Folio

So, I used to be a scrapbooker. Used to be, as in before I had children or a house and the time to sit and play with paper all day.

And, I used to be a face booker. Used to be, as in before I was tired of everyone telling me every time they took a crap or waited in a fast food line too long.

I still needed some way to record daily things and my old-school pen and paper ways could not get the hang of any fancy pants app I got on my ipad for journaling. Plus I wanted something physical, something that was a hard copy of our life events.

Enter the SMASH book by K&Company. I bought the 365 Folio & the Pretty Pink gift pack.

The reviews I read of the 365 Folio pegged it as a Holiday journal so that's what I intended to use it for. Family vacations and Holidays! Which was pretty perfect since we were about to embark on our first vacation of the year it would give me the perfect opportunity to start my SMASHING. The pretty pink one will be my daily family write-whatever-the-heck-I-want book.

Here's my first Vacation page in the 365 Folio!

For a detailed explanation of what a SMASH book is read this blog post, she does not leave anything out and where I got the idea to use to tape as tabs for pictures!

Keep checking back for more information and pictures as we SMASH our way through 2013!
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