Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Box Full of Sunshine" Gift Basket

Tomorrow is my 39 week appointment at the birthing center and I'm hoping my last. My first Bug was born at 41 weeks and my second Bear at 38 weeks, so who knows when this baby will actually decide it's her birthday... But I wanted to take a gift for my favorite nurse and my midwife just in case it is my last actual appointment. I knew I could whip up something for them using my good ole "Gifts" board on Pinterest.

This was the inspiration pin.

This is the collection of yellow goodies I came up with.
1.leftover Whitmans box re-used as the "basket" 2.wet-ones sanitizing wipes 3.Swedish Fish 4.tic-tacs 5.Lemon jello 6.Snapple Iced-Tea 7.fruity air-freshener 8.Canned Pineapple 9.Ice Breakers Gum 10.Juicy Fruit Gum 11.Carmex 12.Snickers Egg 13.Nail Polish 14.Crystal Light Packets 15.Reeses Egg 16.Post-Its 17.lollipop 18.lipgloss 19.socks 20.highlighter 21.Kleenex

Yellow card stock, quotes from the internet, some clear cellophane, a ribbon, and voila!

Two boxes of sunshine for two people that are always happy even when the waiting room is full, the hoodlums are crying, and it's raining outside.

The only downside to putting this box of sunshine together is that I have been singing "I've got a pocket, got pocket full of sunshine..." ALL DAY LONG. Even customizing lyrics and making my husband think I'm even weirder than I actually am! :)

Do you know anyone that could use a sunshine basket? Either to lift their spirits or just for fun? This random assortment of things I'm hoping is a big hit tomorrow! I'm thinking this is a great cheap go-to that would work well in any color!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Candy "Cake"

I have seen so many super cool candy tiered "cakes" on Pinterest, for my favorites I've pinned find them on my board "My Kind of Party!"

My husband LOVES, I mean LOVES candy, and he doesn't eat it often because he has self control and we don't eat a ton of "junk" in the hope our kids learn from us and will continue healthy eating habits long after they're out of our home.

But, come on a birthday is a special day, and now he has a good stash to last him the year!

Step one- buy a cart load of the gift receivers most favorite candy. (Be sure to show the cashier the picture on Pinterest so she doesn't judge you and think you're big pregnant self if wolfing this all down yourself)

Step two- find some boxes, and/or some cake cardboards, and sit and arrange and re-arrange and get frustrated over how you are gong to make all this candy stack up properly to not look like a glued on mess, then just get to it and stop stressing out!

Step three- add some pretty ribbon & some candles & then hide it in a cool place until party day! (If this cake was for anyone other than my husband I probably would have wrapped every tier in ribbon and made it look a lot fancier)

Step four- surprise Husband at the party and let all the party goers marvel at your tower of teeth ruining junk!

Woohoo one more Pinterest pin completed! Can't wait to make another one, think I'm gonna go with a solid one candy "cake" for the next one!
Do you have candy lovers in the family? Try this and let me know how it goes!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Easy Valentine Bags!

Yep, still only posting pictures with my iPhone it's the easiest way to put them on here for now! But anyway, here's a group shot of all our Valentine bags we gave out this year!

Ella Bug is trying so hard with her letters! She is doing so well for a three year old! Plus we're going to like calling Ben, "Bem" now! The girls wrote out all their own Valentines, Lyla Bear scribbled more on her hands than the cards but no one cared they loved her one year old chicken scratch!
We bought a few different bags of candy and used ziplock bags and embroidery thread to split them up for each gift.
Then I looked up different quotes on Pinterest & personalized each persons Valentine bag using scrapbook paper, Sharpie paint pens and a regular black Sharpie!
I am also getting really addicted to using puff paint on things! For some reason I just love the way it adds a little something extra! We had to use a big bag for Gramy and Grampys, our little clear treat bags weren't gonna cut it for our number one fans.

Everyone loved their gifts and they were so much cheaper to put together ourselves than buying the same-ole same-ole overpriced valentines baskets for all our closest friends and family!

Thanks for stopping by!

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